Hi, I was prescribed tramadol ER (extended release) 100mgs for a very bad arm/shoulder injury. I have been on it for approx 27 days. I stopped them yesterday and a few hours later had severe and I mean severe headache, aching jaw, diarrhea, wobbly legs, MOODY, agitation and just horrible feeling sensations in my head. I didn't originally know what was wrong until I thought that the only thing I had changed was stopping the tramadol. I need help. I cannot taper off an extended release pill. You cannot cut them in half. I do not want to put that high of a dose in my system again at one time. How do I approach and ER doctor. with this issue? I know some doctors do not seem to think this is a bad drug. I have done a lot of reading on this drug and it's a horrible drug and never did help my pain as much as I needed. What do I say? I have never had any experience like this and have never approached a doctor on pain medicines to begin with. I have never taken them. This is horrible and I am still healing and this is just even harder on a person. Hope someone can help!!! Thank you ahead of time!