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Tramadol - usual dosage for female 60 yr old severe pain?

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balbanese 15 Aug 2014

That would be whatever the prescribing physician directs. Tramadol can be dangerous if not taken as directed.

sandyzk12345 15 Aug 2014

This I am well aware of! This is why I - a medical pro - posed the question. Thanks!

balbanese 16 Aug 2014

Sorry, there's no way I could have known that about you.

kaismama 15 Aug 2014

Ok from one medical pro and former user of tramadol for pain, and over 60. Tramadol is not for severe pain, it is for moderate pain. I was on 100 mg qid and it didn't help when the pain got bad. Tramadol extended release works somewhat better, but its very expensive. I found if I took the regular one on a routine basis and not wait until needed, that it worked better, but not for severe pain.

kdennis14 16 Aug 2014

I am glad you posted this. I have constant severe pain, in my head, neck and shoulders. This has been going on for years. My Dr. has me on tramadol 50mg 3 per day, gabapentin 600mg 4 per day, and muscle relaxers 2mg tizanidine in the day and 4mg at night. It is not enough. He just tells me I need to exercise!!! How???
I just wanted you to know you helped others with your answer.
Thank you,

kdennis14 16 Aug 2014

ooops... I am also over 60.

kaismama 16 Aug 2014

When any of my drs try the exercise thing, I tell them I'm lucky if I can muster enough pain free min to vacuum and you want me to exercise, lolol
Keep a diary of the way the pain interferes with your life and the level of pain and show your dr.

Delila 16 Aug 2014

Hi, my mum (60 yrs +) was prescribed Tramadol at a maximum dose of 400mg per day. This seems to be a pretty standard dose. I myself, was prescribed Tramadol at the same dose (i am in my 30's). Certainly do not exceed 400mg per day, and it works more efficiently if taken at regular intervals... 100mg every 4 hours free discount card

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