Day 2 or3 without my Tramadol which I took for almost 3 years everyday the same time like mid-morning or morning I would take 4/ 50 milligram tablets just regular not time release for about a week ago maybe 2 I started adding one more to that because I wasn't feeling well basically what it does to me it just makes me be able to get out of bed I feel kind of euphoric I get kind of talking I don't really get a lot done like I had hoped to lay around the house and taking Darvocet before and it was amazing all this was their equivalent to that for pain and since they don't make Darvocet anymore anyways I'm in hell I'm sure everyone it's never taken it and stopped abruptly is in the same him and I know it'll get better I've done it with a Darvocet years ago but I just really horrible right now I'm crying I'm cold and hot at the same time I've never been this sad Injustice have every over-the-counter thing that you could possibly advised to take its kind of working first night horrible second night little better tonight I don't know what's going to happen I keep going in and out of sleep so that's good but I can't do anything I can't even walk the dog not hungry and I thought I was going to quit this summer this coming summer because my daughter would be more self-sufficient and I wouldn't have things to do for her I knew I'd be down for like 2 weeks I can handle it get myself prepared maybe even try to taper off but I'm not real good at a parade so I thought just quit well they got stolen or taken by someone else so I guess it's a blessing in disguise but I just want this to stop I just want to come on here tomorrow and say guess what guys I feel a little bit better I walk the dog today I took a shower I got out of my bed I get out of bed to go to the couch and then I come back upstairs and I can't breathe and I was kind of like that when I was all that I just couldn't get anything done I'm just so scared I'm so upset thanks for listening I'll be back home to check and if anyone has any advice also I take Xanax so I've been taking those to go to sleep and stuff too probably going to run out of those now because I've been taking more to sleep butt I do have some proof that I could have some other kind of I don't know what a stuff or something I don't know what it is some kind of take one today that I thought I would try but I don't want to try it right yet I don't want to ever take another drug again honestly my gynecologist said oh no you can't take all those drugs and she put me on Zoloft and I got the worst headache you could ever imagine from The Zoloft so waited 2 weeks I took one one day and I thought okay I'll try to it happens the worst headache I have migraines but I've never had in my life please don't have those now but I think it was just the serotonin whatever that does in the Xanax that was all mixed together anyways if anyone has any advice or anything to him if you could just tell me hey guess what you're going to wake up and this is going to be gone that be great anyways thanks for listening