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Tramadol - I am now just starting vitamin b12 how long does it take to feel energy?

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Inactive 13 Jun 2013

R u trying to get off tramadol?

Did some research and it says add lytyrosine on day four and use 5 thp and gatorade.

Alsoe anxiety pills help. U can ask your dr.


criccy 13 Jun 2013

Yes I am I am on day and I am doing ok except for the cravings and energy.Someone told me to take vit b12 and you will have all the energy you need. I have been taking tramadol for 12 years and I went cold turkey 8 days ago.

DzooBaby 14 Jun 2013

You can try it. I never found that B12 did a whole lot for me. The best way to get B12 is by injection. Taking it by mouth is worthless since it doesnt absorb well from the stomach. Sublingual is better than swallowing a pill. If you can get your doc to give you an injection, it can help some but dont expect miracles.

Delila 14 Jun 2013

Hi, it is quite normal to feel lethargic whilst tapering from Tramadol. Are you eating regularly, because this is very important. What is your situation? Are you having to go to work through this, look after children, or any other important responsibility? I know this is easy to say, but (from experience), if you can just give in to the lack of energy for a couple of weeks, you should then be passed the worst. If you are at home, it is important to get out of the house everyday, just for a short walk, whatever you can manage. This can improve how you feel, by increasing your exposure to vitamin D from the sun, increase serotonin levels, and generally give you a sense of wellbeing. It is difficult to advise as i don't know your situation? If you want to write back, please do, and i'll see if i can help???

criccy 14 Jun 2013

I have 3 kids and a husband who is very understanding of this withdrawal he took a week off from work to help out. This is day 9 and at first I was feeling pretty good but now I have allergy problem which seems to not get any better. I did go cold turkey for I have been taking this medicine for 12 years and I was tired of going thru this whole ordeal with these wicked t's. By talking to angela and everyone else here it has been ok. I want to tell everybody if I can do dog on it anyone can do it.

Delila 15 Jun 2013

I'm glad you have the support of your husband, it is so important to have someone there for you when going through this. Are you sleeping OK? I've been where you are & i know how tough it can be so i want to congratulate you on getting to day 9! Have you cleared your home of all Tramadol so there is no temptation? I'm glad you have found comfort in talking to Angela also. This site is very supportive & we will be here for you. Please write if you want to, for any reason, just to talk if you feel the need ... free discount card

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