I have been on Tramadol for about a year now. I was originally prescribed this evil drug for chronic pelvic pain. Since I was addicted to Vicodin for several years, this seemed like the perfect drug! Non Narcotic (so they say), non addictive (pshhh!), until I realized that if I took a few extra I could get high from it, and it wasnt like Vicodin, it was an ALL day high. But as an addict, my mind got the best of me and I convinced myself that since it was non-narcotic, I couldnt get addicted. Boy was I wrong!! I am a full blown addict now, Ive had 3 seizures, and take about 10 a day (50mg), this is good because I was at about 20/day. I detoxed myself once and it was the WORST possible thing I have ever possibly went through.
6 weeks ago I was involved in a major car accident causing about 6 of my vertebra to squish together, so as any addict would, I used this as an excuse to take more and get back on the Vicodin.
I AM DONE!!! I want out! My desire to be sober is stronger than my desire to use. I cannot rememeber a time when I had "natural energy". I am a mother, a business owner, college educated with a beautiful home... and I accomplished that all high. I suppose Im afraid that I wont know how to function sober. I have devised a plan this week and next to taper off and then just let myself detox so I can say goodbye to this Devil for good.
My plan is to only take as little as possible this week for me to not be incredibly uncomfortable, but I work as a bartender on the weekends, so this weekend I will take the last of my Vicodins to get through my shift. I have 6 days to slowly detox, then 2 days of work, then after the weekend I am going to strait detox. By next weekend I should be well enough to work without any meds. I think I should re-fill my anti-anxiety meds and take them if the detox gets too aweful (you know! the no sleep, restlessness, ect.) I started taking St. Johns Wart as I heard it will help.
Any advice will help. Im kind of desperate here :(