I'm in serious need to find something similar to soma, after 2 neck surgeries, and as my dr put it after first surgery he fused 4 ? Repaired 2 discs n said my nerves looked like a truck run over them. Well I'm not going to bore any with the rest of my issues, but I need surgery again and for whatever reason my Ins co, now doesn't want to pay for them, I take several other opiods, I've tried their tier meds in the past no help! So does anyone know if there's something similar to soma that I may suggest to my dr? I've been talking them for @5 yrs and had the same issue with a previous Ins co. Due to my pain I can't drive more than @10 miles round trip, then I run 4 the bed put my legs up n proceed in a scream fest. I hate I have 2 ask nabor 4 a ride . I live in wv n can't find a neurosurgeon closer than a@ a 3-5hr ride , my pain management dr is in a different state -@ 75 mlIles my medicaid won't pay , so I live on the meds , they basically just make my life barely livable . Now they want to take 1 of 5 away, ok I've rambled enuff, just what I said I didn't want 2 do. Any ideas, suggestions?? ? ?