2 years ago, i badly ruptured my disc. after the initial recuperation, I opted for a non narcotic. I was given tramadol. While at work one day, i began to have serious pain. I was desperate! Because I thought that Tramadol was like taking motrin. (not justifying my stupidity) I took more than the prescribed dose with no relief. A couple of hours later, I took 4 more. Within the hour, i had a grand mal seizure, and another one a couple of hours later. It took a couple of months for my mind to recoup.
I have 2 questions, the first is, what chemically did the Tramadol do to my brain? i had had an EEG 10 yrs prior for a sleep study there was no evidence of epilepsy at that time..no blows to the head at any time either.
The second question, Am I now allergic to that med. (Until i took to much of the med, I had no problem)