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Can I still use tramadol if the prescription bottle indicates that is best used by 2011?

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HeadStarter 6 Sep 2013

Hello Gloria and welcome to DC... Personally, I wouldn't take it or even think of using it because it is too old... There is a stamped date on it for a reason. But if worse comes to worse, ask your pharmacist or your doctor.

Where were they found? How were they kept? Two years past the date of expiration is a long time.


smartjanitor 17 Sep 2013

HeadStarter. The English expression is "worse comes to worst."

Ten years past the expiry date on an unstable drug is a long time. Nothing is goint to happen to these people from taking two-year-old tramadol.

Delila 10 Sep 2013

Hi, i agree with Mary, that is too far past the expiration date. Best case scenario, they just won't be effective, worst case scenario, they could make you ill. The composition will break down over time, and exposure to different heat conditions, sunlight, etc, will further cause the medication to deteriorate... free discount card

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