I have recently been prescribed tramadol 200 mg once a day to help withdrawal from dialaudid 4m.I am terrified to keep taking this stuff,it sounds worse than street heroin to get off of.I have so far only taken about 5 pills,but right away i started having bad reaction to it.My ears are ringing and i am having dizzy spells.I can not sleep,and i will not take the gabapentin i was prescribed for helping me sleep,as after just on pill of that i knew it was not for me.I got dizzy started slurring my words,shaking and stumbling,i just am confused.These two drugs,first the 'non addictive tramadol' and the gabapentin that instantly made me feel like well not well,are supposed to replace the 4m dialaudid that i have been taking for about three years now.There isnt really a question in there yet,i guess the question would be why go to something so bad to get off something that has been working just fine?