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Is tramadol perscrided for arthritis?

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kaismama 6 Sep 2014

Its probably not the best choice for it. It isn't an antiinflammatory

Sandra62 6 Sep 2014

I am a 51 year old woman with OA. I am prescribed Tramadol 50mg along with Naproxen 500mg. The Naproxen reduces the inflammation and the Tramadol eases the discomfort. I find this combination to be very helpful!

bikegirl62 7 Sep 2014

My Rhuematologist prescribes the same for me.The combo works pretty good together.

brenda fain 6 Sep 2014

Thats what I'm taking for mine.seems to help ne a lot!my family doctor gives it to me.but I'm going to ask pm if that's ok since its went to a control medicine!best of luck!

whtwllw 6 Sep 2014

I have been prescribed tramadol for the kind of arthritis that occurs after breaking bones. I forget the type of arthritis but I can always tell when I've forgotten to take it because of the deep aching I experience reminding me where all the fractures once were. So yes, it works for arthritis. It concerns me though that once one starts tramadol on a regular basis, it can't be stopped without going through terrible physical problems. The withdrawal is very debilitating and body-wide. My doctors keep prescribing it and I take it because it works but I have heard from my pharmacy that this has now become a "schedule 4" controlled substance. That new change makes me a bit worried that my doctors are going to suddenly think twice about refilling my prescription.

Sandra62 6 Sep 2014

Sounds like you have Osteo just like me and getting through the day is sometimes hard without medication. Tramadol is now considered a controlled substance but it still remains on the lower tier/classification and can be prescribed with refills for up to 6 months. Doctors now must enter the prescribing and patient information into a database but as long as it is prescribed appropriately you should have no worries. If a Physician felt it necessary for you to take Tramadol everyday as part of your medication regime then they must of felt you needed it and that it would help you. You can always titrate down and take less each week if you are looking to come off it completely. I was never one for taking any kind of medication but I realized that my day to day quality of life was being compromised by pain. I also go to accupuncture, use a TENS machine, soak in a hot tub and do yoga whenever I can. If the Tramadol is easing your pain and helping you to have a better day, then I say... take it. Life is too short.

Delila 15 Sep 2014

I would say that Diclofenac is preferable for Arthritis?

Quando62 29 Sep 2014

Works great for mine. 400mg daily. free discount card

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