Hi there name is Tyler its 2:15 in the morning and I'm going through withdrawal right now. I was prescribed this "helpful drug" for postherpetic neuralgia a complication from shingles i have been on and off it for about a year just substituting the tramadol for vico/oxi/hydro all for pain im wanting to quit cold turkey because as many people have posted before me its impossibly hard to get off this durg. So my question is how long does withdrawl last after stopping cold turkey this is offically day 2 and im in hell... suddenly im hot then im cold i sweat for no reason i have moments where i just blank or have trouble thinking. im seriously depressed right now with no sleep and in constant pain.. i value my intellect to much though to stay on tramadol (feel like im a retard when on it) so should i continue to try to quit cold turkey sticking it out like a man or find a substitute for the tramadol. because right now i feel like poop. hope i hear back from someone i know this was pretty long post sorry :s amount
What i am taking is 100mg extended release once a day and then 50mg 4 times a day also.