Habit forming but now I know differently. I used to take as many as 8 pill a day (400 mg). Recently, I self tapered off as my doctor became aware of the habit forming aspects. I am not worried about the pain that caused me to start taking them but the side effects of coming off them. I literally have one pill left. I have refills but not for another 10 days will I be able to get them from the pharmacy. I had tapered down to 2 pills a day last week, took just one yesterday and I am afraid to take the last one. I never thought I felt a "high" from them but noticed that if I did not take them I didn't feel myself. I have had the flu like symptoms for short periods of time and low low energy. I have a job that requires a ton of energy and am very worried about what this next week brings. Any suggestions that do not involve another pharmaceutical
Drug would be very appreciated.