I was on day 6 of being off tramadol yesterday. It was my 3rd attempt to get off these meds. I'd been addicted to them for 7 years and was up to taking 25 a day.I went through all of the horrible withdrawal symptoms and was past the worst of them. I went to the doctor yesterday for my well-woman exam because I've been having some abdominal pain. I find out that I have a major infection, so she gives me a few different antibiotics. I go to the pharmacy to pick up my meds and low and behold, she prescribes me Tramadol for the pain! So, instead of saying "no thanks", I say "ok", and proceed to to take 3 of them! WTF!!! Why can't I be stronger than this drug!!! I'm so angry at myself for this! I've taken more of them today, so tomorrow, it's back to day 1 withdrawal! UGHHHHHH... I hate myself sometimes!