I am a new member to the tramadol group. I have read many stories that people have shared on here and find myself in a simalar dilemma. I could probably write a book on my experience but will try to put a long story, short. Two years ago i was prescribed Tramadol by my doctor for knee and back pains. I purposely asked for something other than percocet and vicodin due to a backround in drug abuse from previous years. Though never messed with opiates, only cocaine and mariquana.

Two years later, I am taking 20, (50mg) pills a day and going through 180 pills in ten days. I have three different companies, (Online Pharmacies) that a recieve my tramadol from. I function with my normal life and do everything i normally do plus some. ( This would be due to the increased energy level the Tramadol gives me. The main reason for taking so many a day.)

About a year ago, i tried to stop taking the medication without any medical advice or help. I found out the hard way, that Tramadol was in fact very simalar to the opiot family and the withdrawals were nightmares. All the same effects, chills, sweats, body aches, BRAIN ZAPS, etc. It was horrible. So naturally i could not stop the pill, I continued to order more and continue to take them at a suicidal rate.

Two days ago, I was confronted by my girlfreind for the third time and was told to go to detox or else. I droped to my knees, cried and said i would do anything it took. The next morning she drove me the hospital so i could check myself in. I was admitted only to find out that they don't take detox patients anymore. But was that really the case. When i told the doctor i was taking tramadol, he looked at me like i was crazy. He hardly believed that someone could suffer such horendous withdrawals from tramadol. He then gave me a list of outpatient facilities, a clonopin for the shakes and sent me on my way. I was there for about half an hour. lol. what a joke. I wanted help. I was there. It took all my power to get there. and to be sent away so easily was heart breaking.

I am now taking the clonopin and trying witthdrawal with the help of my girlfrend. Its gonna take a miracle..

Story in short. Tramadol should be labeled a Narcotic. Doctors are prescribing this drug just as they prescribed percocet 10 years ago. They think the drug is not addictive when in fact , Tramadol is very addictive. Good luck to all those in a simalar situation. And to all that don't know what they got there self into. Now you know. Thanks.