by daisymay231, 1 hour ago
This is my first time posting, I have been reading this post since Nov 2010. I have been trying to taper and quit for 2 months now and it is not working. I was up to 5-50mg tram every 3to 6 hours. I am now down to 2 every six hours (usually) then I think I did good 3 or 4 wont hurt, tapering is not working.
I have been taking it for pain for rottary cuf injury for 8 months.
Its been horible, running out getting sick, calling dr for script, calls to pharmacy,cancelling plans with friends and family, I even canceled thanksgiving dinner cuz I ran out and was zapping, nausa, diaria so bad. Then I started ordering online and getting a script from my dr. I just want this to stop be normal and off this ****.
I read some where that if you take fluoxetine and go cold turky that ther are no withdraw symtoms, Is this true and has anyone tried it??? Any help would be truelly appreciated,, Im to the point were I just want to go cold turky but I am going to school full time and cant take the time. Im planing on doing it in may on spring break.