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Tramadol- how addicting is this drug if only taken as recreational use?

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stealthk07 27 Dec 2010

Define Recreational? once a week? once a fortnight? Monthly?

amberDan 29 Dec 2010

eventually it wont be recreational.. and it'll be a full blown habit

sbitter 31 Dec 2010

Not sure, I found a prescription in my husbands car.

jen860 27 Dec 2010

Very, some states require it to be counted just as a narcotic because there have been so many reported addiction problems.
More importantly; movies, books, volleyball, walks in pleasant fesh air, these are great for "recreation", medications are not. Please reconsider dear one and take aim for a happy life, not one of misery filled with addictions. Hugs!

sbitter 31 Dec 2010

You are right but its hard to get other people to see that. I fear my husband has a bigger problem than I thought.

bonniecna 28 Dec 2010

I can't imagine taking Tramadol for recreational reasons. Depending how much you take, you can overdose on it. You would certainly need to take quite a bit to achieve a "recreational" state of mind.
If you take it for some kind of pain, don't take more than prescribed. I take 100mg 3X a day. and never feel the slightest bit "re-created".
Hopefully,with Gods help, you can change your screen name to "sbetter".

joeskitner 28 Dec 2010

Your Question is very relative. If you literally just take a small dose once in a while, then it will have no affect on you. But the chances of you taking it only once in a while are slim if it actually makes you feel good. (Which it shouldn't) Especially if you have an addictive personallity. My friends brother recently died from a tramadol overdose. Even though it is not an opiate, the effect it has on the opiate receptors are simialar to the effects real opiates have, and when taken for even a short period of time you can become physically and mentally dependent on it. It is not worth it sbitter. Please don't do it. This decision of using Tramadol for recreational use can potentially be a life changing decision for you. I hope I was of some help. I wish you all the best.

questing 29 Dec 2010

I have esophageal nerve damage. I take 100 mg. Ryzolt once daily, It has helped my pain, with out it I am unable to hold a conversation, with out broken words , they first thought this was dystonia. There is no high feeling. I think this product is a blessing for those of us who live with daily pain. It is not for recreational use. free discount card

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