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What do the tramadol extended release pills look like?

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chuck1957 26 Mar 2017

CtMaria; Sorry I can't answer this question, The way it is done is you tell us what you have there are over a dozen different pills and I can't list them all we need the shape, Color, and any letters or numbers on the pill. Then we may be able to help you. Now if you just found this I highly recommend that you throw it away. This is a type of pain pill with SSRI properties in it and can cause you ton's of grief if it is taken by someone it is not prescribed for. very addictive. good luck and feel free to repost your question with the above information.

masso 26 Mar 2017

Hi buddy, not trying to under mind you!

chuck1957 26 Mar 2017

Never a problem, Masso for some reason I can't figure out how to do this link thing every time I try it goes to the Administrator. Thanks again always love to know you have my back. Your friend Chuck.

chuck1957 26 Mar 2017

TRY CLICKING ON THIS,, masso just trying to see what im doing wrong.

chuck1957 26 Mar 2017

Thanks Masso, I think i have it figured out.

masso 27 Mar 2017

You are welcome Chuck, I hope you got the hand of it, if not, you can always count on me.
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