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Tramadol - Is this comparable to a Vicodin? If so what level?

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kaismama 28 May 2014

Personally I think its a little better then vicodin. The thing with it tho, you can't take it just when you have severe pain, you have to take it on a regular basis, so it prevents the pain.

balbanese 28 May 2014

It is not comparable at all (in my opinion). It's so available online many opt for it as an alternative (not insinuating you are one of them, just saying), however, it's trash by comparison. Again, just my opinion. Hope it helps.

balbanese 28 May 2014

Hey Kais, I did not read your response before putting mine, I rarely read what's already posted. Just making it clear my responses are not challenges (unless I specify and agreement or disagreement). Best, Billy

DzooBaby 28 May 2014

It is hard to compare pain pills one to another because you can see by the responses above that they work differently for different people. They are both considered "opioid anagesics" even though Tramadol is not a "true" opioid but is more "opioid like" it isnt made from the poppy plant nor is it a synthesized version of compounds made by the poppy plant. It is chemically closer to antidepressants but it DOES act on opioid receptors in the brain so this makes it "opioid like" and as such carries the same risks for dependence and addiction that opioids do. It also carries risks of withdrawal similar to opioids and also similar to the same withdrawal one gets from antidepressants. Vicodin is an opioid. It is hydrocodone, an opioid analgesic, mixed with acetaminophen, a non opioid analgesic. They are both good for moderate to moderately sever pain. You will just have to try to see which one is better at relieving your pain.

Delila 29 May 2014

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