The reason I ask is becuz I take them for migraines and honestly all they did was help me sleep thru migraines but now they don't effect me at all and the doctor thinks I'm abusing them, I honestly don't see how I can abuse a substance tht takes 4-6 jus to get anything and it builds tolerance so quickly I would have overdosed by now if I was using them other than wat they're for, I have a constant pressure in my left temple to my left eye and it feels as if Sumone is pressing fairly hard and when I get an actual migraine it hurts so bad and follows my heartbeat, plus it makes my left eye twitch and I can't hold it open... Put it this way, if I get a normal headache-(anywhere else on my forehead) I enjoy it becuz it's so easy to deal with compared to wat I normally get.. Sounds bad but I won't even take Tylenol, excederin etc. becuz they never worked for me... When u have to take 6-8 OTC drugs a day and they don't help at all.. Idk jus don't see the point in destroying my liver... Any suggestions on any migraine meds or pain pills tht work better than tramadol and do not build tolerance quickly?