I was sent a new brand of Tramadol with this months refill. I began that prescription a few days ago. I take 5/50mg pills per day. I'm experiencing severe pain since I began the new brand. I'm not having any other negative symptoms as of yet. Although I'm somewhat expecting withdrawal symptoms to begin anytime because it appears that the new brand does not cover the symptoms for which I was originally prescribed Tramadol.
As a caveat, I had some of the original brand remaining so I took 2 of those in place of 2 of the new ones and the pain was relieved in about 30 -45 minutes.
Has anyone experienced "rebound" pain as a result of changing brands or experienced "real" pain due to one brand having less efficacy than another?
I'm trying to determine if I'm experiencing rebound pain because I'm starting the withdrawal process or if I'm having true pain from my original injury because this Med is not equally formulated to the other brand I was taking. Any thoughts on this subject are welcome.