Hi i have a problem. A few years ago i was involved in a motorcycle accident a woman ran a red light and my bike hit her car. I flew about 50 ft,and landed on my head. I injuried my cervical and lumbar spine multiple broken bones. After 5 surgeries and a ton of pt i'm getting around pretty good i think. So i don't take any of the hard stuff anymore my Doc has me on tramadol HCL 50 MG. I was happy with this med. Over the last 8or9 months i noticed a sharp pain in my right kidney area i had all appropriate tests no kidney stones or other problems were discovered. Something told me it was the tramadol i stoped taking it and the pain went away.When i started again the pain returned. I have repeated this over and over again, but the result is always the same. My Doc said he never heard of this side effect, it's not a listed side effect. Is there a substitute for tramadol, something that won't consume my life. Thanks Mike:-)