I also have a question. I am going to be honest, so please help.

So I have had two seizures and I am 20 years old. I have been taking tramadol for a little bit of time now. I have never had a problem with seizures before. My mother who is an extreme alcoholic has seizures when she withdraws (detoxes) from alcohol not from overdosing.

I did take a lot (about six to ten 100 mg tramadols a day). I never once had a seizure.

My first time was when I was visiting in LA at a college campus. It was about 3 in the afternoon and I had not eaten yet. At all. And I was probably severely dehydrated because I don't remember drinking much water. Just a pepsi here and there and a red bull. I am a physically fit young man so I never thought anything of taking so many. And on this day, I didn't take more than I usually do. But I guess due to the heat, not eating, or drinking factoring in I am not sure if I overdosed or not. Again like I said I took anywhere from 6-10 like I usually do. I know this is a lot but it wasn't out of the ordinary for me.

All I remember was I twitched once really bad. My friends started laughing. I chalked it up to the red bull. Then I did it again and dropped my cell phone. All I remember was my friends voice starting to fade and him putting his hand on my waist and the back of my head and squeezing me into him and yelling for someone to call 911. The rest I don't remember. I woke up on the ground.

My second one happened when I was in China for a school trip. These seizure are only spaced about a month a part. I thought I was going to be fine. But I had a problem with the food there, so I wasn't eating (first mistake). It was really hot. I felt it coming on so I ran back in side the restaurant and went into the bathroom stall and locked the door. i was hoping to calm my self down. it didn't work. i woke up outside throwing up. one of the guys in our group is a certified EMT and followed me to the bathroom for some reason. he ended up kicking the door down when i wasn't responding and found me on the ground.

so i am a little worried. i stopped taking them. i was detoxing for a while, but i am fine now. i know i was dumb to take that many. but each seizure i was taking a different kind of tramadol. the first one was a tablet form (same mg) the second one was capsule form (same mg). I was told that the capsule is less strong, so thats why I asked for that one instead.

Do you guys believe I just overdosed each time, due to lack of nutrients and sustenance. or could it be something mechanically wrong with my brain? the first one i had i was taken to the hospital and they did a cat scan, nothing wrong. but the second one was in a third world country so i couldn't go to the doctor.

Any suggestions?