I am a 33 year old mother and wife, who started taking tramadol after a fall and a cracked tailbone. They tried to put me on vicodine but it upset my stomach so much it wasn't worth the take, so she put me on these, saying how wonderful it worked and how non habit forming it was. Being busy and active would be fine as it wouldn't cause me to be tired.. Oh well she was right, and when I started feeling less ache in my tailbone I decided I wanted to quit.
I switched my insurance and couldn't see her any longer anyway so I made an appointment with my new doctor same office.
Then.. threw away everything I had left in the house. Which was just the normal script my doctor had given me. I never took more than I was supposed to, I never bought my pills offline where you have no idea where they come from or what's in them.. Period, I just took them as she told me to and stopped because that's what I had done with perks when I stopped taking them..


I am 8 days off of them.. and I can tell you this much, the words... Agony and Suffering have NOTHING on what it is that I went through. My husband and children had to go through seeing me like this because of a lie.. An nondisclosure of information which made it so I felt safe..
Restless legs, Fever, Sweating, Skin hurt to the touch, Uncomfortable... That's what I went through but even seeing the words as they are written. It isn't what i went through. I went down into the depths of hell and came out the other side... Scarred and VERY... VERY angry.

My reasoning behind posting this, is because when I was first going through it, I had NO IDEA what was wrong with me, so I looked here.. yeah it was like watching an episode of Intervention - All these disgusting horror stories about how they got up to taking 30-50 pills a day etc.. Didn't help me at all, So I thought there should be something SAID for those of us who are going through this because we were lied to... Not because we have addictive personalities and want to take stuff to make us feel good..

Anyone else like me... Anyone else mad as YOU KNOW WHAT because they had to go through this... Well let me know!