I have suffered from recurring Lyme disease since 1993. 3 years ago I was reinfected with Lyme, and was also diagnosed with Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Babesiosis. My LLD (lyme literate doctor) has since retired.
Over the course of 26 years I was on a plethora of pharmaceuticals, but since the last episode 3 years ago I decided to go holistic. I never felt better in my life after getting off of all the Pharmaceuticals! But now I find myself having another Lyme episode along with the symptoms of Babesiosis.
I am also uninsured at the moment, so a $900 phlebotomist visit is out of the question. I figure after 26 years battling recurring tick parasites, I know what's going on with my body. With that said, I still have about 30 days worth of doxycycline that I just started 400 mg per day 3 days ago. Additionally, I still have some tramadol 50 mg along with some diazepam 10mg. Those are the three Pharmaceuticals that I have left from a collection of 27 that I was on all at once for the treatment of that last tick bite. doxycycline has a longer shelf life, so I am not concerned with that, but I'm wondering if I can take the lowest dose of both the Tramadol to ease the moderate to severe pain I am experiencing, and a diazepam to quell the essential tremors I am experiencing in my arms and hands despite the fact they expired 2 years ago. I'm not so concerned about any side effects, as I didn't really have any being on 27 Pharmaceuticals t once outside of brain fog and just being sleepy, but I'm at wits end without health insurance and wondering if I should just bite the bullet and take the lowest dose of the tramadol and the diazepam...
I would much rather be using my apple cider vinegar with fresh turmeric and fresh ginger, but it's just not cutting it for this episode.
I'm wondering and hoping that there are others out there that struggle with recurring tick parasite symptoms, or maybe just anyone who has taken a combination of expired Pharmaceuticals. Any and all responses will be appreciated, as long as they are not judgy or sarcastic LOL thank you in advance!