I am asking this because of what i have read so far, seems there should be some concern with how long one should take it, for what, only as needed, what dosage? when i took my first 50mg TAB of Tramadol to say it knocked me thru a loop would be an understatement. took it right before sleeping, i figured that was the safe way of taking it, wow was i right, that night had the weirdest sleep ever, but it got rid of the pain. woke up may times thru the night, what seemed to be every hour on the hour, or so. after that i figured i would try 50% of the 50mg tab then that would be about 25mg or so. the sleep went a bit easier, and more controlled, but the waking up thru the night seemed to remain. thing i noticed was it got rid of the pain, but didnt deal with the cause. presently i am try 1-2 Tylenol 500mg with the 25mg tramadol. seems this is what the combo needs to be for pain. I am also on some others meds for heart disease, JUNE/05th/2015 i have a new [saint jude mitral valve]. the meds are, degoxin,baby asprin, metropoline, warfarin-[4mg per day, 5mg ON mon and fri.] lisinopril-10mg by any chance is there something someone at the VA should have told me about interaction with any or all of the MEDS listed? one thing for sure, it is sometimes almost impossible to keep up with the drugs they got ya taking, let alone all of them that are out there. and sure seems that there are many. ALmost forgot, i am post surgery, and have arthritis on my spine, this being the doc gave me TRAMADOL in the first place, i informed him nothing otc was working and he gave me this for "pain management" ill say this for the drug, it does help tins with the pain, for me anyway, and at this seemly low dose.

my prays go out to all those in pain, and need much higher doses of whatever they do take, and to those that have to go thru the withdrawals getting off from them whatever they were taking. i cannot even imagine what type of pain would cause someone to take such a high level/dose of those meds, and pray that me and others never have a first hand experience with this level of pain.
i hope i included all, and said it with the right words, but you all know what i mean.
thank you.