I've been on Tramadol 4/day for a couple of years now, and have actually been able to stop taking my antidepressant because the tramadol offers enough of a boost in mood that I don't experience depression symptoms 90% of the time anymore. But I usually don't remember to take my tramadol until I feel the effects wear off and the pain from my scheuermann's disease returns.

I'm wondering if once a day tramadol's could be safely used instead with minimal side effects. Due to the nature of my disease, I'll be on Tramadol for the long run. We tried a plethora of other medications, including vicodin and percosets, and Tramadol has been the most effective with the least side effects by far. But I do experience increased pain and anxiety as it wears off 3-4 times a day, when I forget to take it at regular intervals.