does anyone know how long the depression from tramadol lasts? I can say this is a devil drug by far the most horrific thing to come off of, I got into a really bad car accident and was prescribed Percocet and tramadol. tramadol got ahold of me. I have tried to stop taking it before and I got extremely depressed never felt that way would just start taking it again. I went to my doctor and asked if he could put me on something to help stop taking the tramadol, he prescribed me generic Wellbutrin xl 1 dose every morning then clonidine to help. today is day 2 off tramadol and day 3 of taking Wellbutrin and clonidine. does anyone know when the depression will atleast subside I feel like a walking zombie like I'm in a fog I feel nothing but sadness I look at my 2 year old daughter and she knows I'm sad its a terrible feeling to feel so depressed over this drug. don't recommened it to anyone!