I have weaned myself in the. the past and requested naprosyn.(don't recall what my taper was) I have never taken over recommended dosage. However, I have developed a habit where I can not not take it. The withdrawals are what bring me back to it. Recently, I was taking 75 mg in am and 25 - 50 in afternoon.

I had minor surgery two days ago, and have vicodin prescription. I took no tramadol yesterday, and I took 5 vicodin. Today, I started with only one vicodin, however, I got the restless feeling, and cold like symptoms. I ended up taking a half tramadol, then broke down two hours later and took the other half. I admitted to my pcp a "depndency" on the tramadol. She told me to only take them AS NEEDED. I told her that I started to take them routinely.

Another reason I want off of them, is I hve severe insomnia. My insurance will no longer cover my Lunesta. I was given ambien, which I hate!!! I only get five hours of sleep, and sometimes four. My dr. suggested nortyptaline, but I must be off tramadol I really need to sleep. I forget what a tramadol free life is like.

I must admit I liked the little boost of energy that I got from tramadol. But, I could probably find something else OTC for energy that I am by nature, low on.

Re; My tramadol taper. Perhaps, I should taper to one pill in am and half in afternoon for one week. Then drop aft. dose to 1/4 pill for one week. Then one pill in am for one week. Then 1/2 pill one week, followed by finish dose of 1/4 pill. Sound reasonable?