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Is it OK to take tramadol and drive a school bus?

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Inactive 17 Sep 2016

No, it's not ok. If you read the warnings that come with your prescription it clearly says not to operate heavy machinery, this especially means vehicles. Please don't risk it. -J (Certified Pharmacy Tech)

Stephen Treloar 17 Sep 2016

I would have thought it would be clear that that would be unlawful. If you were to have an accident you could well find yourself to be 100% liable for costs and damages to ALL third parties.

Wouldn't an employment contract would make this clear?

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Windchimes123 17 Sep 2016

Please, listen to Stephen!
It will ruin your life !
Not to speak of others !
I'm curious...
Do they give you counseling when you apply for those jobs?
Do they do spontaneous drug tests ?
If they make no big deal of it, and it's 15 years later, do you know what the policy is if you need med changes?

I'm trying to see if there is a fault in the system. I've never operated heavy vehicles. I'm just wondering what the protocols are and if it's totally up to the employees?

Perhaps it is up to the doctor that should know what his patient does for a living?

Just curious...

Psyloch 21 Sep 2016

As with any pain medication it is absolutely not ok to operate heavy machinery which would include operating a school bus. Always ask your doctor and/or pharmacist if you are unsure of drug side effects/warnings. As you have already been told... It also has warnings listed on the bottle.

Stephen Treloar 22 Sep 2016

I'm not arguing and I appreciate the difference that wording can make. I'm in AU and there are a variety of warnings; ours says: "if affected do not drive or operate heavy machinery" a kind of warning that promotes dishonesty as if you agree you were affected you have automatically confessed to a crime (you would call it a felony driving charge of driving under the influence of drugs I guess.)

MrsLebo 23 Sep 2016

I drove a bus and I understand you asking for one, it doesn't make some drowsy and 2 you are on bus such a short period. With a class B it is based on employeer. We had a driver on a strong pain pill driving and I'm not sure how. I had 8 hrs between my bus route. I would take it after my morning run and then before bed. After getting my class A it has been much strictor on meds and I've started researching more. I honestly would take it before bed only now knowing what I know now. I found tylenol with arthritis works great during the day. (make sure you've got a 12 hr time lapse and ask your employeer. They do drug test and you may not be allowed this at all, we are not with a class A) free discount card

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