I am an R.N. who does one on one care for a 6yr old child who has a trach. the humififier he uses is Aqua-T. In order to cut down on costs, my cllinical coordinator told the family they could wash these in vinegar/water, and suction out the humidifier and continue using. that doesn't seem safe to me as there is a sponge inside the humidifier. Does that get really clean and is there a chance of disloddging sponge particles during suctioning. He has a lot of secretions and usually uses all which public pays for before re-order time. Then he goes without them (no cover on the trach tube) and misses school. The company for I work has not provided a policy and procedure for this. the family will not pay for additional supplies eventhough the child is getting ssdisability. Help me with a direction!