Growing up I found my tourettes so difficult. There would be bullying at school, odd looks in public and people constantly saying it was something I could stop. Even as an adult this continued throughout every day working life.
It's one of my struggles every day and it is only now I have learnt to embrace it and take it in my stride. Growing up I had anxiety, depression and was constantly aware of what others thought of my tourettes.
I met my partner when I was 19 and since then been working on developing our careers, developing a warm loving home together and aspiring to what our future could be and what we hope to achieve. My partner is the most amazing man in my life, he inspiresaid me on a daily basis to put my mind to something bigger than myself and achieve anything I want despite my tourettes. I want to give him everything we've hoped and dreamed of since we were 19. But as the thoughts and ideas of having a child together after marriage lurks ever closer and the excitement within him grows that we could create a life together. My thoughts each night recently is...
Is it wrong to have a child knowing they could have tourettes? Knowing they may have a life of odd looks and stigma? Knowing they could have the condition alot worse than me? Knowing that they may have anxiety and ocd too?
Is it wrong to possibly bring a child into this world knowin this?
My partner tells me not to worry and that with the right love, care and guidance they too can grow to be confident within themselves and own their difficulties and differences in this world. He tells me that most nights when I cry at the thought of giving him the child he deserves and longs for with me.
But am I wrong for wanting a child knowing the struggles they may face?

Many thanks,
A woman looking for answers