I had a pinched nerve sciatca, I fell into a metal pole the swelling was so bad it took 6 months to diagnose, I now have numbness so bad in my right side I broke and spraned my right ankle I didn't know it until I went to a 24 hr. Clinic, my doctor told me to go to another clinic she was affiliated with. I am a home health care worker to my fiancee I can't sleep,sit or walk for peroids I had an mri it showed a tear near my spine the pain is in my hip now the only comfort I have had in the past 6 months is when my dentist pulled all my teeth for dentures and he gave me norco what do I do now the laws have changed and I know this because they are cutting back on my fiancees meds, he has seizuries and a closed head injury I can't help him if I can't move