I had routine blood work a couple of weeks as go, and my vitamin d level read 29. My Dr said to take 2,000 u of d3 twice a day.
I called his office back to ask if this could be why I feel tired, moody, have muscle pain and don't sleep all night. The assistant said low d can cause these symptoms. She then said the Dr wanted me to take 5,000 u instead twice a day. She said to have it rechecked in 3-6 months. The Dr also wants me to have my kidney function tested then too.
That seemed like a lot, so I checked with a pharmacist who said it's too much.
I read conflicting things online also that said it's OK to take and some places say no.
I have one kidney and I am worried about harming it with too much.
I was so confused that I asked another Dr what he thought and he said to take 2,000 u once a day.
What I really want to know is if at a level of 29 which is almost in the normal range, can I still get these symptoms?
Will the 5,000 u twice a day bump it up quicker?
I don't mean to be asking so many people, but I am confused about if I need that much d at my level.
Someone please give me your opinion.
Can insufficient d cause moodiness like irritability also??

said t OK take 2,000 u once a easy.