I had a tkr on 7.2.17 I now have a knee that is like cement and is really swollen. It still has a lot of heat in it as well. I have had 2 mua,s and my doctor wants to do another next week. My straighten is - 20 and my straighten is 50-60 I now have a wheelie walker to walk with as I just can't walk without hobbling. I also still have pain but I have no pain management so unsure just what to take. Should I get another opinion or just stick with this doctor. This has been going on 12 months now as I had 2 arthroscopic because of a manisicular tear. I have been to rehab for a total of 6 weeks and I was told that they can't help me anymore. So I went to 2 different physio men and they have said the same. The last one said I need the scar scraped and a mua at the same time. But the doctor today said that this was out the question as it would invite infection. I just don't know what to do anymore or who to believe. I am only 54 and still need to work. It's so depressing as it keeps me awake at night because I can't turn over in bed without doing a 3 point turn.