I had surgery in 08 for Ruptued disks in my L4 and L5. I am 40 years old. I'm a bus driver so i sit which lately hurts terribly. Can barely go to church anymore. I'm on 7.5 lortab, robaxin and diclofenac. Tried several meds like lyrica and such. Makes me sick. I'm to the point all I can do is lay and doubling up on pain meds still do not give me relief. Can't work out BC it puts me in bed for days afterwards and I can't do any household chores hardly. I'm at my wits end with the pain and am wondering what my chances are for disability. I have spinal stenosis (abnormally small spine), a tear in one disk and bulge in another, and the dr thinks now also may have sciatica. Anyone have a similar situation that can tell me my chances of disability?