I have suffered many years with chronic low back pain stemming from the L4-5 level. Here's the problem/question: When the pain is unbearable I go to the hospital for a Toradol injection. In over 10 years, two of which I received a Toradol injection every 90 days, I have not had an adverse event. However, last year I was given a Toradol injection in the ER only to note foamy urine for several days following. About 48 hours post injection, I went to my internist for an unrelated reason and mentioned the problem. She tested a urine sample at her office and found that "protein" was 100mg/dL whereas I note that the Cleveland Clinic website says that 0-20mg/dL is considered normal. There were traces of blood and leukocytes, otherwise a normal specimen.

My internist, who does not treat me for the back pain problem, nevertheless advised that I avoid the Toradol injection as the proteinuria was drug-linked at onset. I do not have a history of diabetes, heart or kidney disease or hypertension. I do have Asprin-sensitive asthma and can't take orally-administered NSAIDS due to a mild/moderate non-healing stomach erosion and a previous history of quarter-size hives in response to Daypro.

Following too much activity over Thanksgiving, my pain levels skyrocketed and I am becoming incapacitated by the day and increasingly unable to function. Typically in this situation I visit the ER to request a Toradol injection. Given that my protein levels were six times above normal, is this advisable? Last year I made this inquiry of the neurologist who treats my back pain upon learning from my internist that I had developed proteinuria (with no prior history of such). He just shrugged his shoulders not sure how to answer. Consequently, a year later I am still wondering if I am going to cause cumulative kidney damage should I receive another injection! Furthermore, I am not even sure I would be given another Toradol injection were I to notify the ER doctor that I had been 6x over the reference range following the previous injection. I don't want to show up at the ER, wait four or five hours and then find out they won't give it to me. What are my options? The narcotic pain relievers wear off too fast. All I have here at home is Ultracet, Zanaflex and Neurontin, but they do not control my pain.

Thank you. I appreciate the help.