Do not have high cholesterol or high blood pressure. After wearing a heart monitor for 2 wks my new cardiologist diagnosed me YESTERDAY to have SVT. Gave me a prescription for 25 mg to fill. I do NOT HAVE HIGH blood pressure, I am an active 72 old female, and weigh 105 lbs. Previous cardiologist had diagnosed me to have A-fib on 2/12/12 and had me on 3 mg Jantoven before I got a second opionion on 4/22/12 from my new cardiologist whom I've seen that one day so far. New cardiologist had reviewed the results of first cardiologist's tests: EKG, nuclear stress test at rest & nuclear stress test on treadmill, echocardiogram. New cardiologist said the results of those tests did not include the "film"... My concern also is that the first cardiologist (as told to me by new one) had in the results that I had high blood pressure which is NOT the case..have never had high blood pressure.