Hi There,

It has been a week only that my my doctor got me started on Topamax ( for migrane - with weight loss side effect expectation). I am taking the generic form Topiramate. The dosage are as follows:
1st week - 25 mg every night.
2nd week - 25 mg twice a day
3rd week - 25 mg in the morning and 50mg at night.
4th week on... 50 in the morning 50 at night

Here are my questions...

For those of you who have taking vitamins with topamax in order to prevent hair loss and tingling side effect, I would like to know what kind of vitamins you have taken and if you noticed any improvement on the side effects.

Weight Loss side effect: At what dose have you actually started to noticed the weight loss side effects?Have you noticed a difference between taking a single dose, or a twice a day dose?
Changes in weight, Appetite, metabolism in general...

If there's anything else you could share in regarding your experience while on topamax for migrane / weight loss, I would really appreciate.

Thank you!