I am 19 and I found out I have bipolar when I was 17 I had a a baby at 15 my pre pregnancy weight was 125 and after baby weight was 118. I started taking abilify and zolft and in six months I went up to 167 a size 14 from a size 5 I went in a Hugh depression. I flip flopped from medication to medications and finally found lamotrigine and loved it I was able to lose weight got down to 148 and a size 9 but max but dose and still needed a booster do started invega I love it but in a month I went to 170 and a size 11 and I'm only 5'2 not a good weight for my height. So my Dr put me on tpiramate to help shed a few pounds from the weight gain cause she know its a very sore subject I've been on it only 4 days and can't drink pop and not as hungry. I've notice people losing 50lbs but some lose only 5 lbs how much did you weigh before and when did the weight start to come off my side affects are my whole right are at night only every night goes numb but fine in the day and small memory lost and I crave water like I have and aching for it if I can't get to it is that odd?