I have been on topiramate for 5 years,
Over the last 18 months I have felt my energy levels drop, and almost passed out 3 times.
Early this year I was sent to an edoconolagyst had a ACTH test my levels were borderline 3 weeks later,may june this year I was in bed for 8 weeks couldn't get up or stand.
The endo that did the test was on holiday, a locem prescribed 20mg hydrocortisone, which has got me up out of bed but my energy is still low migraines every day.
Went to see the endo today, he said he thinks it's the Topiramate making me so sick!! Dropped my adrenal levels low.
Pitruitry gland is working so can't be Addison? I'm so confused, the topiramate tablet side affects I have dizzy spells fatigue blurry vision muscle spasms and cramps joint pain.
Is it topiramate???
I now have to stop topiramate I have been on for 5 years, I tried before my migraines were so bad I wanted to die.
I'm so confused can this tablet have done this to me.
Any info helpful