I have been taking Topiramate 100mgs for about 2 months now, and I have noticed that it makes me tremor. I started with 25 mgs./day and progressed weekly until i was at 100 mgs/day. At first when I felt it, I was sitting at the dinner table with my daughter and it felt like the floor, chair, and table (anywhere that a part of my body rested on) started to tremor/shake/vibrate as if we were having a small earthquake. But, I immediately realized it was only myself that was feeling it, because my daughter had no reaction one would have in an event of an earthquake. I asked her if she felt any shaking; while the tremors were still happening, and she said, no. I concluded it was just me, and carried on. It lasted about 10 maybe 15 minutes, and then went away. I take Topiramate 100mgs once/daily for migraines. I had my first migraine at the age of 5, if I can recall correctly. I believe I started getting them from an accident I had at the age of 4 or 5. I fell from the top of a hay loft, and landed on my face, breaking my nose, both wrists, and injuring my jaw, neck, and upper back. I am 33 now, and after living most my life with chronic migraines, and chronic pain in my jaw, neck, and upper back, and nothing ever helping much, let me just say that, Topiramate has been such a blessing! I didn't want to take a bunch of pain pills to live life, so I would take ibuprofen, and a muscle relaxer when the pain became unbearable, and Imitrex at the onset of a migraine, but majority of the time, it barely touched the pain. Also, I work in surgery, so the constant strain, and tension on my neck doesn't help, but, I love my job, and refuse to let this rule my life, so, taking something at the onset of a migraine wasn't always possible! Not a day went by that I didn't wake up in pain. But, the morning after my first dose of 25 mgs. of Topiramate, I woke up feeling... alive!! I didn't have neck pain, or upper back pain, I went the whole day without a sign of a headache, and to my surprise, my jaw pain is gone as well! The sun is shining in my life again! I have felt headaches starting to come on but they haven't been able to fully form. 2 months now, no pain, Praise God! I can finally live my life! I do get the tingles, but I have found taking wth an multivitamin helps with that, and the tremors, are bearable. I just am curious if anyone else experiences these tremor episodes? If you are contemplating on whether you should take Topiramate or not, I suggest to at least try it out, on a small dose at first, it may be the answer to all your painful migraines! I tried it, looking for migraine relief, and was relieved of more than I thought was ever possible with a medication! Please, consider responding, even a simple reaponse, or what your experience with Topiramate on this subject is greatly appreciated, I love learning, and taking suggestions. Thank you in advance, and may the good Lord bless you!