Ive been on Topamax 1st for seizure's Unknown Cause..Then kept taking it for Migraines..>Seizure Free for 4years..EEG never showed abnormailities in Brain... i know Topamax works great for Migraines... and I did lose 40 lbs at 1st but I only gained weight cause I was 1st put on depakote before the Topamax for seizures... so It could be the Depakote stopped and I began Topamax at same time and dropped 40lbs... Anyways I have now been Diagnosed with Neuropathy and have had all proper testing done and came back normal... so we are just wondering if its caused from my osteoarthritis in knees or just medications or WHAT IS IT CAUSED FROM... ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS OR ANY ADVICE FOR COPING WITH THE NEUROPATHY AND ARTHRITIS>>IM 37years old