I'm 19years old, female and have been taking Topamax 200mg (100mg 2x daily am and pm) for almost a month now with no weight loss. I'm taking it for weight loss because the depo shot (a form of birth control) helped me gain an extra 30 pounds in 3 months. I have had a struggle with eating disorders in the past and instead of starving myself I went to see my psychiatrist and he put me on this. I have had some side effects though. Very bad memory issues, occasional tingling, foggy head (almost like a bad high) and hard time finding the words I'm looking for. I'm willing to deal with these. I try to go to the gym when I can but I also have a brain injury and my balance is very bad so running on a treadmill can be a bit dangerous for me. I guess I'm just wondering if my dose is too low, if there's a chance this won't work, if I should be doing other things to help the Topamax work or if I'm just being impatient? Thank you in advance!