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I take topamax for migrains works great but have stomach problems any advice on what I can take it?

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suzanne66 7 May 2013

Can you give us more info? What sort of stomach problems do you get? Diarrhoea, constipation??

bestpup 11 May 2013

blairl I to take topamax before bedtime.
The bottle itself says to take medication with plenty of water.
I take it a step further and eat a yogurt with it. I figure the culture in the yogurt helps coat the stomach. So far so good.
Hope. I helped,

byjw82 6 Sep 2013

I get acid reflux and diarrhea from it so I take Zantac and Imodium for it. Be careful with the Imodium watch how much you take out you can constipate yourself easily. Just start with the lowest dosage and play around til you figure out what you need. I also don't use the Imodium on the weekend so that way my system can flush itself out basically. free discount card

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