I just started taking Topamax 50mg 2x a day on Friday night 2/10/17. It is for the prevention of migraines. These side effects are kicking my booty!
It started with extreme tiredness, like knocked out down-for-the-count tired. I am not hungry at all. Which is weird for me, cause I eat ALL DAY LONG on a normal basis. Then on Sunday the nausea crept in. Monday a sore throat. Tuesday non-stop sneezing & runny nose, watery itchy eyes. And the nausea is still present. I feel awful. The nausea is the worst part. And the last 2 mornings I've awoke early with the shakes or maybe the chills?
I was suffering in so much pain constantly with the migraines, occipital neuralgia and headaches, etc. that I was desperate for a better cure. My Dr. said this was a good option. I've read some good reviews. I just hope there is a light at the end of this tunnel. lol.
So, to make a long question longer, how long do these side effects last?