I started at 25 mg morning and night for headaches on July 13, had a severe migraine within a couple days and the doctor upped it to 50 mg morning and night on July 17 followed by about 5 days of headache free bliss and then 3 days of headaches and now he's upped it again to 75 mg morning and night starting tomorrow. Hoping to find that sweet spot where those 5 days become my new normal. Definitely got the pins and needles in my feet starting last week and today is the first day soda did not taste right. If this dosage increase does not take he is sending me to see a neurologist. I guess my question is: for those of you on this medication for whom it works for headaches and migraines do you take higher doses than 75/75 and is it prescribed by a GP or a neurologist? I am just curious if I end up getting referred to a neurologist if that doctor will keep trying with this medication. Obviously I want whatever will work best for my body, but I do also have about 100 lbs to lose, so if weight loss could be a side effect of my migraine medicines, that would be amazing