I started with 50mg of Topamax over 1 year ago, which was originally prescribed by my then neurologist for migraine prevention. I had zero side affects.
In May 2018, it was increased to 150mg with the intention of it being a mood stabilizer as well.
A short period of time afterward (roughly 1 week), I began to experience stomach pain plus the inability to eat without pain and/or feeling uncomfortably full. Because of this, I rapidly began to lose weight. About 18 pounds in 3 weeks. I was quite obese so it was not very noticeable at first.
It has been 7 months and I have lost 93 pounds (last I checked). I went from wearing a 3X to a large. Weight loss is all well and good, but not like this. The rapid weight loss is making my hair fall out by the hand full.
I've had numerous kidney stones.
I've got tremors in my hands so bad some days that I can't drink anything without a lid on it.
I can't express a cohesive thought or find the right words. Everything seems to be on the tip of my tongue.
(I had to bookmark this until I could cobble this together, then cut+paste).
My hips and knee will randomly hurt really bad and I don't know why. It'll wake me up in the middle of the night/wake up with it/stand up.
Areas of my feet (mostly near my toes) are numb.

Does anyone know? :
Do any of these side affects dissipate or go away as time goes on?
Do they get worse?
Are they permanent?
Am I just taking too much Topamax?
Was it perhaps increased to quickly?
Does anyone else have any of these problems?

Sorry that's a lot of questions. I'm not finding a lot of answers on the internet, my doctors aren't much help, and unfortunately my insurance doesn't cover a medical professional who can.
Any help is appreciated.