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I just got my all my top teeth pulled Friday, and my dentures will not stay in what should I do?

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Inactive 8 Jul 2012

The gums sometimes swell, this is one reason they might be not staying in. The other may be that you need something different in the adhesive line, try seabond, my ex swears its the best. Call your dentist tomorrow. Patti ps have them refitted or at least checked at the 6 month and 1 year mark after the teeth were pulled. The gums stay swollen for a while. If you have them checked and refitted, they will be more comfortable. Patti

kaismama 8 Jul 2012

I found that I can't use sea bond, my mouth stays too dry for it to work. I put a little poligrip in the middle of the denture, and it works for me. They should not feel huge, but if they still have to be lined that will make a difference.

MattsWife0304 3 Jan 2015

I just had all of my top teeth removed and have to had issues keeping my dentures in until I had got Fixodent Food Seal Denture Adhesive Cream and it works really well.
I have to work my dentures into my mouth because some places are still swollen and are open, I put benzocaine on my gums and then put them in. The dentist told me that it takes about a month for the areas where my teeth were to heal and about 6 months for my gums to completely back to normal. Hope you find something that helps you. free discount card

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