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Top selling prescription for Edema(leg swelling)?

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DzooBaby 2 Apr 2013

This is an experienced guess but I would say furosemide.

DzooBaby 2 Apr 2013

Hydrochlorothiazide is another commonly used drug for edema.

kaismama 2 Apr 2013

I agree with you on that.

ElizaJane23 4 Apr 2013

That's what I take DzooBaby - EJ

lady2882 2 Apr 2013

Everyone wants an Rx lol. I can't take any of them that I've tried so far, but now I make a strong tea with fennel seeds and that works wonderfully.

dawnb64 3 Apr 2013

What brand of tea and where can I buy fennel seed. Can you give me the directions on how you make the tea?

lady2882 3 Apr 2013

You can buy fennel seeds at the grocery store in the spice section or at a health food store if you want organic. As to making the tea I have a little coffee grinder (cost me $8.00) and I put about 1/4 cup of seed in there and grind for a few seconds then just put a spoonful in a cup and pour on the hot water. Once the grounds settle it is ready to drink. You might want to add some honey as it is a little bitter. If you don't have a grinder then just let the seeds steep in the hot water for a bit stirring in a few times. You can even add the seeds to a tea you already have.
If you go to the health food store ask them for a tea with fennel seeds and they probably have something.
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