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What are the top pills to treat pain?

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Windchimes123 31 Jan 2017

Hi Scarbroo,
It totally depends on what type of pain you are having. What is the cause? How long ?
Was it the result of an injury ?
There are different types of pain (neurological, visceral, skeletal, etc) and different types of medicine for each.
If you care to share more details we then
may be better able to help you.

botta71 1 Feb 2017

Need to be more specific please.

chuck1957 1 Feb 2017

scarbroo; Yes I agree with both answers there is a balance in what type where bone nerve etc, But either way, your going to have to see a doctor. And should stick with the doctor that has been giving you pills so you can tell that doctor those did not work and so on. No reason to go back to ones that you have tried but also never rule out one to try again if you have improved from the original reason. Sorry, you have to go through this Chronic Pain is a bear. Been there and still am. free discount card

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